Welcome To Old Church Cottages In New Brunswick

Old Church Cottages are the perfect locations to reconnect with your family.  We offer unique vacation cottages converted from old historical and de-commissioned churches.

Each cottage is designed and decorated as a one-of-a-kind: one Colonial Style and one Salmon River Style. The history of the church will bring you back to the days when time was plentiful and things much simpler. It offers plenty of private spaces for everyone, the common areas are made to be enjoyed by groups.

Business Retreats

Planning your next big business strategy? Looking to motivate your team? Old Church Cottages is your perfect off-site meeting location.  The historic significance of this location promotes creative thinking while our state-of-the-art amenities will allow you to do your work and stay connected to the real world.

Get Togethers

Old Church Cottages are the perfect place to reconnect with your family. With plenty of private spaces for everyone, the common areas are made to be enjoyed by groups. Your family will be treated to five-star accommodations such as a complete kitchen, a laundry room, high-speed Wi-Fi, television and a stereo system.

Memorable events

Whether you are planning a wedding, a yoga class or a corporate retreat, Old Church Cottages wants to play a part in making your event unique and memorable. You and your group can enjoy some of the most breathtaking sceneries and participate in outdoor activities. Also, the church offers every modern amenity to make your event a true success

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